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Dear Friend,

If you’d like to wake up happy and full of positive energy every day, live life to the fullest and have the body that YOU want, then this might be THE most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

This tested and proven program will help you lose at least 3kg a month, or we will give you your money back, no questions asked!

Now, I know you are probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy.

So Why Should You Put Your Faith In Us?

This program is created from the needs of ourselves and the people around us. We follow the program and have integrated it into our lifestyles. So you can be sure this is not some myth that is unachievable or unattainable.

In fact, this program has been helping millions of people around the world find a new lease of life. Numerous success stories of healthier lifestyles, slimmer bodies and happier individuals speak for themselves.

Weight Loss Singapore

Through a thorough consultation and following a good nutritional and meal plan, I have managed to lose more than 18kg. This is not a one-off weight loss but this is for life.


Questions For You

  • Are you sick and tired of being fat and overweight?

  • Does losing weight appear to be impossible?

  • Always seeming to lose the weight then gain it all back again?


Well, you are not alone in this, as millions of people fall prey to the dieting industry without ever learning how to successfully lose weight. Human beings have gone through an age of lies and deceit for the selfish benefit of a capitalistic health industry that couldn’t care less if people lost weight.

Diet companies have cashed in on our essential and honest needs – diet pill companies have become multi- million dollar powerhouses, and today 95% of the world’s population are dying because of cancers and heart related diseases, as opposed to only 5% 100 years ago.


  • What do YOU see when you open your kitchen cupboards, or your fridge door? Even more IMPORTANTLY: What do you take out, and what do you feed yourself?
  • Do you feel like you have no control over food, but that food controls you?
  • Do you have a weakness for food and keep stuffing yourself with it even though you know that by the end of the day you will be a few ounces heavier and even more fat?
  • Are you too embarrassed of your body to even show yourself on the beach because you are fat?
  • Do you ever feel unattractive and even that your excess fat is killing your sex life?
  • Do you have “problem areas”, like your thighs, your butt, tummy or face, and you just hate yourself because of it?
  • Do you PROMISE yourself year after year that you’re going to get into shape, but each year you’re even fatter than the last?
  • Do you feel helpless when you try to wear clothes that fit before, and now it’s just too tight for you?
  • Do you look into the mirror and feel disgusted and disappointed with yourself for letting this happen?
  • Do you ever feel that your friends or co-workers would treat you with more respect if you were thinner and healthier? That your life would be more successful?
  • Have you ever exercised, but it’s making absolutely no difference?
  • Do you ever wish there was an easy way to lose weight?
  • Or have you given up completely and you simply say to yourself “I have a butt big enough to put a map of the world across. But I just have to nod at genes and accept who I am.” There is nothing worse than being intensely aware of all the flabby fat on your body, and then to put the proverbial cherry on top of that feeling, you stuff yourself with more fattening snacks, sweets and unhealthy fast foods.


Weight Loss Testimonials

What would you rather have? A lifetime of bad negative descriptions or a promising future for you. You choose. They did it. And it is no rocket science.


Through weight management program, I have lost 10.1kg in one month, reduced my waistline by 11cm and more importantly, normalised my cholesterol levels.



I have lost 6kg in one month and able to jog without wearing knee guard anymore! I regain my confidence in dressing up, especially wearing my 3-inch high heel shoes. In total, I have shed off 18kg. No backaches and weak knees for me. I’m feeling fastastic! Thanks to the program.


Testimonials are not typical, individual results may vary.
Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition is the answer to it all.

When we think of weight loss, health and nutrition, few of us imagine the cell. But actually, the cell is the source of the body’s energy supply, the core of your health; it’s what keeps you not only functioning at optimal health and maintaining a good weight, but functioning at all. The human body is made of about 75 trillion cells, that’s 75,000,000,000,000,000 cells. The body cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form systems and systems form the human body.


The problem we are all facing today is not only the poor quality of foods, but also the fact that we do not absorb much nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements. There is so much information about nutrition, health and weight loss that most people are confused and are trying all kind of crazy programs hoping to find what works.

Why do we become unhealthy and many of us gain extra weight?

Environmental toxins are a fact of life. Every time you breathe, you are taking in airborne toxins. Much of the processed food you eat contains artificial ingredients, such as colors and preservatives, that do nothing to nourish your body.


As we age, most of our body cells get covered with toxins and cannot absorb all the nutrients that they need to maintain our health, ideal weight and daily energy.

Why do children have so much energy?

Kids have energy, sleep great and feel amazing because their body cells are not covered with toxins. Therefore their body is still absorbing all the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy, at the right weight and energetic all day long.


Several years ago, we could only imagine how great it would be to feel as great, healthy and energetic as we felt when we were kids. Today, that dream can become reality.


As you probably figured out by now, becoming healthy and losing weight it is not only a matter of what we eat and do, but more importantly it is a matter of absorption. The question we should ask ourselves is: “Is my body absorbing all the nutrients and vitamins I am taking from food, supplements and vitamins?”

How can we really become healthy and lose weight naturally?

In order to become healthier and stay healthy, we need cellular nutrition that acts at the core of our body, the cellular level. The key element of our program is cellular nutrition, that acts at the cell level, cleans them up from toxins and activates the cells so they can absorb nutrients and be healthy again.


Weight Loss Singapore Cellular Nutrition
Studies show that it takes a few months, while on cellular nutrition program, for your cells to start functioning properly again; like when you were a child. Once your cells are healthy & active, you will really become healthy. And you can easily reach our health goal, whether you need to lose weight, gain weight, get more energy, sleep well or just simply become healthy and feel great.


When our body get all the nutrients it needs, in the right amount, properly balanced, that is no tell how powerful our body can become. It will be able to do all the work to keep us healthy and at the right weight. Basically your body does all the work, whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or get healthy.

Working at the cellular level is THE KEY to losing weight and maintaining it.

Weight Loss Singapore Jenny

In just 4 months, I have lost 10kg. And being on the program throughout my pregnancy have resulted in 16kg of weight loss after child birth – and for more than 8 years, I have maintained my weight at a healthy level.

Testimonials are not typical, individual results may vary.
Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What is better than just losing weight?

Answer: Losing the weight, keeping it off and become healthier doing it.


We know that because there is so much information out there, and most are misleading people. You probably have been on a tiresome road of experimenting with many weigh loss fads to become healthier.

And because it didn’t work, it is very hard for you to continue to believe that there is a real solution out there.

We really hope you continue to believe and call us when you are ready to get into our WEIGHT LOSS WITHIN Program.

Our program offers weight loss, health & nutrition consultation, along with unlimited dedicated phone follow-up & support during the entire weight loss, health and nutrition program, to help you reach your goals.

What will you get in WEIGHT LOSS WITHIN program?

  • Goal Setting with the help of our in-house weight loss coaches

  • Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Consultation with our dedicated health and nutrition coaches, which includes an advanced body composition analysis, weighting and measurements.

  • Based on the consultation we will recommend to you a Personalized Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Program tailored to your lifestyle, weight loss goals, and your past & present health

  • Biweekly private, 1-on-1, Follow-up Review Session (every two weeks) with our dedicated health and nutrition coaches to track your progress towards achieving your weight loss goals

  • Ongoing Dedicated Phone Support and follow-up for the duration of the Nutrition, Health & Weight Loss program

  • Receive a Copy of your personalized Nutrition, Health & Weight Loss report.

Free Sampling of our proven and delicious weight loss products. Don’t take our word for it. Tasting is believing.

What are you waiting for?

MoneyBackGuaranteeEase your mind. The WEIGHT LOSS WITHIN Program Comes With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Still on the fence? Think what this guarantee means to you. You get to be in the program and enjoy all the benefits of kickstarting a life changing transformation from within at NO RISK at all. And if you have followed the program diligently as outlined in your personalised consultation but you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we will issue you with a FULL REFUND of the program cost, less prevailing taxes, shipping and handling fees. You get all the reward, WITHOUT ANY OF THE RISK. Sounds too good to be true? Get on with the program and you’ll see it makes perfect sense.

That’s more than a guarantee, that’s a promise – from within.


Want to lose weight and have FUN doing it? DO IT IN A GROUP!

Losing weight with a group of motivated people with the same goals, makes the process easier, not to mention a lot more fun. Through a proven solution for people who are serious to shed off their excess weight, this program have helped more than 2000 contestants lose over 3000kg since May 2009.

The Top Biggest Loser are rewarded with $50 to $1,000 cash each round.

GRAND ROUND 148 is open for Registration!

Weigh-in Period: November 1 – 7, 2016

Results Date on January 1, 2017

  • First Prize

    $1,000 CASH
    + Trip to South Korea for 2


  • Second Prize

    $500 CASH
    + iPhone 7


  • Third Prize

    $300 CASH
    + 1 Night W Hotel Staycation


  • Other Prizes

    4th Prize - $250
    + FitBit Alta
    5th Prize - $200
    + FitBit Alta
    6th Prize - $150
    7th-8th Prize - $100
    9th-10th Prize - $50


During each contest round, a personal Wellness Coach will be assigned to ensure the contestant achieve results. The Wellness Coach educates, support and motivates the contestant. The program will also consist of healthy beverages and soy-protein meal replacement.

Our Mission – To Make The World Lighter.


Through the weight loss contest, I found great motivation to challenge myself to step up the game. Having lost 9kg is just a start for me and being rewarded handsomely could never be better. Thank you to the Weight Loss Within™ Team and their partners for being there for me and cheering me on to reveal a brand new me!

Read more on Ernesta’s journey to weight loss in this article.


Winning the first prize for losing the most weight in a month is not about starvation or unrealistic targets. It is about a change in mindset and lifestyle habits. Through the program and the weight loss contest, I have been coached by a great team that understand my needs and goals. Thank you! This is just a start towards a better me.  



Testimonials are not typical, individual results may vary.
Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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